How to do Bridal makeup without parlour sitting at Home
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How to do Bridal makeup without parlour sitting at Home

How to do Bridal makeup without parlour sitting at Home

  • 25-Sep-2021

Be it your wedding or that of your friends, if you know some great tips on bridal makeup, then you can avoid the last-minute rush. Rather, you also get the confidence that looking beautiful is now in your hands. And of course, keep in mind that bridal makeup should be different for every ceremony, so that you or your friends stand out. If the bride's make-up is not done properly, then her photo will not look good. So in this article, I will tell you about the bridal make-up step by step, so that you will not need to go to the parlor and will also save your money.

First of all, on the wedding day, you must practice makeup once, so that you will not face any problem in doing makeup in the final time. Start it off with some good beauty products. If you want, do a facial clean up or facial once by yourself or get it done by going to the parlor. With all this, keep one thing in mind that whatever product you use, suits your skin.

Face cleansing with cleanser

Begin applying makeup with a cleanser. First clean the face with a cleanser. For this, first wash your face with warm water slightly more than lukewarm water. Hot water opens up the pores of the skin. And yes, while doing bridal makeup, take care of the base. The base should match the color of the face as well as choose the same base as your skin tone, because many girls make a mistake in the cycle of making the face look fair. Due to which the face looks fair, but the color of the neck and hands remains the same. Use your foundation shade keeping in mind the skin tone.

Due to the wedding at night, use products with SAP or sun protection factor to a minimum as the face starts glowing in the flash of the camera after applying them. If you still feel like applying, then you should apply this sunscreen by mixing it with moisturizer instead of foundation because applying moisturizer will not dry your skin and your makeup will not look like dry scabs. Foundation, Mascara, Blush, Lipstick etc should all be waterproof or else tears and sweat can ruin your hard work. Even the eye lashes glue should be water proof. With this, if your base makeup is also waterproof, then it is even better.

Lip makeup tips

Brides mostly prefer to wear red or maroon lipsticks. To apply it, give a foundation base of liquid on the lips. This will make your lipstick last longer, after that with the help of lipliner, seperate the lips. And put lipstick inside it. Lastly, use lip gloss to bring shine on the lips. Use a good concealer to cover the dark circles on the face. Using a cream textured concealer gives good results. Apply it on the skin with your fingertips. Avoid glowing products or else your face will not look good when the camera flashes.

Give final touch with blusher

Like foundation, not every shade of blusher suits everyone. Choose a shade that suits your skin tone and gives a glow to your face. If you feel that your blush is fading quickly, then you can apply a primer. This will make your makeup last for a long time.

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