Karva Chauth Special What kind of jewellery wear on the occassion of Karva Chauth
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Karva Chauth Special What kind of jewellery wear on the occassion of Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth Special What kind of jewellery wear on the occassion of Karva Chauth

  • 18-Oct-2021

The fast of Karva Chauth is very special for every married woman. It is not that only married women can keep this fast, even unmarried girls can keep this fast for their future husband. Married women have a special opportunity to be decorated in this fast. On this day women want to look very beautiful. On this day married women fast for the whole day for the long life of their husbands and also do sixteen make-up. By the way, nowadays this fast has become a chance to be completely fancy and ready for women. This year, Karva Chauth is on 24th October and you must have bought or are going to buy a dress for Karva Chauth, then along with the dress, you must be thinking of taking jewelry as well. So it must be going on in your mind that what kind of jewelery will suit your dress, because it is very important to have perfect jewelry. This year you can go for a different type of jewelery from last year, so that you can look unique and attractive this Karva Chauth. So what kind of jewelery should you buy this year on Karva Chauth, through this article I will give you some tips which will help you in buying jewelery

Colorful Necklace - Colorful metal jewelery is in fashion for a few days now. This type of jewelery will be perfect for Karva Chauth. Let us tell you that there are many benefits of wearing colorful jewellery. The biggest advantage is that you can carry it with any color dress. This type of jewelery is in trend right now. So you can take it online or offline.

Jewelry with Pendant Chain - If you do not like to wear heavy jewelery and you like to wear light jewelery then you can wear light chain jewelery with big pendant. You can wear this type of jewelery with heavy dress also. After wearing this type of jewelry, it will give you a classy look. So it will be perfect for those women who like to wear light jewellery.

Colorful Bracelet - Along with jewelry, bracelets play a huge role in giving a special touch to your look. Bracelets also look traditional on the occasion of Karva Chauth. That's why you can wear colorful beautiful looking bracelets to wear in your hands and it will make your Karva Chauth look heavy and complete your look.

Green Pal Necklace Set - These days the Kundan necklace set with Greenpal is very much trending. The biggest feature of this jewelery set is that you can wear it with any dress or any color outfit. This type of jewelery will give you a very attractive and modern look. So this year you can also wear this type of jewelery on Karva Chauth.

Choker Set - In earlier times choker necklace set was very much in trend and now it is again in fashion. Choker sets of Kundan, Pearl, Bits and not many varieties can be found nowadays in the market or online. You can buy any of these choker sets of your choice and wear it on this Karva Chauth, which will add to your beauty.

Gold Plated Stone Necklace - This type of jewelery gold plated will give you a complete complete look. The most special thing about this type of set is that its combination fits with both light and heavy outfits. So you can wear jewelery like this for Karva Chauth. Not only in Karva Chauth but you can wear this necklace comfortably on any other party function as well.

Maang Tika Set - For some time you must have seen in Bollywood or serial that the trend of wearing heavy vaccines is very much in trend because nowadays moon type Maang Tika set is being liked a lot. With such a set, you do not even need a necklace and at the same time your look also adds to the charm. You can simply wear your mangalsutra with maang tika set on karvachauth.

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