Quick and Easy tips to look stylish this Diwali
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Quick and Easy tips to look stylish this Diwali

Quick and Easy tips to look stylish this Diwali

  • 19-Oct-2021

In the midst of the changing season, the festive season has also started. The preparations for Diwali begin only after the end of Navratra and along with them the beauty of every house also increases. Between the cleaning and decoration of the house, a lot of preparations have to be done in this festival of 5 days. Creating a special everyday dress, matching accessories and pair of footwear is not an easy task. So to make your task a little easier, we have come up with Diwali Dressing Ideas. With only a few days left for Diwali, the preparations for Diwali have already started. According to our beliefs and traditions, Goddess Lakshmi Maa is worshiped on the day of Diwali, so first of all, wishing for a good future, choose new clothes. You are also preparing for Diwali shopping, but still confused about what to wear on this Diwali so that everyone will appreciate your choice.

Salwar Suit - Let us talk about Salwar Suit Dress, so if you are thinking of wearing a suit this Diwali, as Diwali is a bright festival, then you can wear a bright color salwar kurti on this day and if you talk about the color, then you can wear blue in it, You can choose colors like green, pink. Talking about the suit, this year the fashion of wearing short over Patiala salwar is going on. You can also wear pearl beads and other jewelry over this type of suit to get into the festive atmosphere.

Anarkali Suits - Special design suits are very suitable for festivals and such suits also give you a bold and stylish look. If you like to wear long dresses then this Diwali you can wear Anarkali suits. Also, when you go to buy this dress, try to take embroidered suits and do not forget to wear designer jewelry on this suit.

Gown - You can try a gown this Diwali, which will give you a western touch to the Indian look. So maxi or gown you can choose for yourself. In this type of dress, you look like a modern lady and also give a traditional touch. Talking about the gown, its fashion has been trending for a long time, because you can wear the gown in a wedding or party function as well. At the same time, you can also look modern and stylish.

Ghagra Choli or Lehenga - If your marriage is new and you are celebrating Diwali in your in-laws' house, then you will look like a new bride by wearing a lehenga or Ghaghra choli on that day. So you can also wear this type of dress on this Diwali. Keeping in mind the color, you can wear green, blue, orange color lehenga. With it, keep in mind that the lehenga should not be heavy, it should be simple or medium work.

If you do not want to wear a lehenga or a suit, then you can also wear a saree for this Diwali ethnic look. So by following some things for this, you can make your Diwali style amazing.

Reduce Jewelry use

If you are thinking of wearing a saree, then do not carry too much jewelery on it. Wear jewelry according to the type of saree. If the sari is heavy and shiny, then wear less jewelry. Many times it happens that if you carry more jewelry, then the color and design of the saree gets hidden, so do not carry heavy jewellery.

Choose the right way of footwear for sari - If you wear a sari, then you do not know to wear any footwear, because the foot is not visible, then choose sandals or chappals that are comfortable over the sari and at the same time Wearing matching footwear will make the look of the saree stunning.

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