What clothes should we wear in diwali
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What clothes should we wear in diwali

What clothes should we wear in diwali

  • 25-Oct-2021

Festivals are very important in our country. We all celebrate the festival with great joy, but if seen, Diwali is considered to be the biggest festival of our country. The festival of Diwali is now just a few days away. Diwali is a festival filled with enthusiasm. In such a situation, a lot of preparations are going on in the whole country to celebrate this festival with great pomp. Before Diwali, children and youth are also fond of buying new clothes. As soon as the festival of Diwali approaches, many people go out for shopping for new clothes, but before you spend your money on clothes, before that you must take a look at these great fashion tips. So today we will tell you that if you are thinking of wearing a suit this Diwali or you are confused about the clothes, what to wear and what kind of clothes to wear and how to make your look stylish and attractive, then for this you should follow this article. It is important to read, after that you will understand what kind of suits you should wear this Diwali.

Patiala Salwar Suit - These days the fashion of wearing short kurti over Patiala suit is going on in a lot of trend and this Diwali you can take such suits. You can also wear pearl beads and other ornaments over this type of salwar kurti to get into the festive atmosphere completely. Don't forget to pair a trendy dupatta with this type of salwar suit to add charm. Diwali is a bright festival, so wearing a bright colored salwar kurti on this day would be appropriate. If you want, you can take green, blue, pink color suits.

Anarkali Suits - If you like to wear long dresses then you can try Anarkali suits. If you are thinking of getting Anarkali suit on this Diwali, then you can go for this type of suit with embroidered suit which will give you trendy look in the festival season. Suits with this type of design are very suitable for festivals. Your bold and royal look will be seen in this type of dress and do not forget to wear designer jewelry on this type of suit.

Cotton Silk Suit - If you do not like to wear a dress with a lot of tassels but want to look beautiful on Diwali, then wear a cotton or silk suit for this. In this dress you buy a dark color suit. Simplicity is considered to be the biggest jewel of any women, so you will look very beautiful in this type of suit even in a simple look.

Fusion Fashion Suit - If we talk about Fusion Fashion Suit, then right now the trend of Red, Pink, Yellow suits has increased a lot with English color in it. So you can buy this Diwali suit in such colorful colors.

Net Wali Suit - The trend of net clothes had reduced for a few years but now a few days the dress with net clothes is again in trend. If you want to try a net suit this Diwali, then you should wear purple colored suits this Diwali, which are used to highlight your personality. So this Diwali you can also try net suit.

Sharara Suit - These days Sharara suit is also going on in a lot of trend. So this Diwali you can try such suits which will enhance your look even more. Also do not forget to carry a dupatta in such a suit. After wearing this type of suit, you yourself will feel comfortable.

Punjabi Suit - Bollywood actress Preity Zinta wore a lungi style salwar suit with short kurti in the film Veer Zara. So you can also wear this type of Punjabi suit in this Diwali and with it you can take a work dupatta which will look very beautiful on you and your style will also look very different and attractive.

Punjabi Phulkari Suit - You can also wear Punjabi Phulkari Suit this Diwali. This type of suit will also give you a trendy look. This type of suit was worn by Aishwarya Rai in the movie Sarabjit. On this type of suit, you should carry only phulkari dupatta, which will make your look very beautiful.

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