What kind of clothes to wear to look stylish in office
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What kind of clothes to wear to look stylish in office

What kind of clothes to wear to look stylish in office

  • 23-Sep-2021

You must have seen many such girls in the metro or in your office, who do not understand whether they have come to the office or on an outing. Looking at his clothes, it becomes difficult to understand whether it is an office look, or something else. The reason for this is that those girls do not understand the difference between office and casual clothes, as it is necessary to follow some rules regarding clothes in every office. Dress code is very strict in corporate offices, but even after that many girls do not understand this difference. 

So in this article, I will tell you what to wear and how not to wear casuals and corporate

How to Choose the Right Outfit for the Office

To choose the outfits for the office, you have to understand that what is the environment of your office. If there is a corporate or casual office then the options are being given in this article. You can try any of these dresses after reading this. Apart from these, wearing revealing or bold dress in the office should be avoided and also understand its difference. If you understand this difference then you will be able to choose the outfit for the office easily.

What clothes do you wear to the office?

The advantage of a casual wear office in India is that you can also wear Indian options like saris and kurtas to the office. You can also carry a simple long midi dress to the office. It will give you a very stylish look.

Styling Tips - 1
Wear flats with a dress in this, you can also carry junk jewelery in your hands.
 Keep the hair open only then you will get a cool and casual feel. If you are fond of wearing suits, then you can choose cotton silk suits for your office.

Styling Tips - 2
In this, you can wear Kolhapuri slippers with a suit, then make a bun in the hair, along with earrings in the ears, you can wear big round stands. If you do not like to wear Indian wear in the office, then you can wear denim top and long slugs. You can also carry cotton paint in the office. These pants are very much in trend these days and quite comfortable too. You will find thousands of options for cotton paint in the market.

Styling Tips -3
You can wear a plain top of any color with pants. Wear silver rings, shoes or plain flat footwear on your feet. This look looks great in the office. Kurtas with denims are in trend right now. You will always look stylish whenever you wear it. Always wear shoes and junk jewelry with a kurta denim look.

Styling Tips-4
Ever since the trend of linen sari has come, most of the girls are being seen in sari in the office as well. You can also follow this trend as this cotton saree is very easy to handle.

Styling Tips-5
Going away from the regular look, it gives a very good look when you style the saree with a top, t-shirt and sweater in winter.

The choice of office dress should always be done with a little care, keep in mind that you are going to the office. You can also go for white/black pants and colorful tops like this in a casual office. They give a very cool and stylish look.

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