What kind of makeup to do for office
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What kind of makeup to do for office

What kind of makeup to do for office

  • 28-Sep-2021

It is very important to take care of the looks in today's run-of-the-mill life. Then whether you go to the office, or whether you are a college student, or why not you are a housewife. Beautiful and smiling face grabs everyone's attention. So in such a situation, to increase the glow and radiance of your face, you will need makeup, which will enhance your face and above all, it is very important to know how to apply makeup. So in such a situation it is important that you should know some basic things about makeup before applying it. You are required to wear well dress in the office. Now it is not that you go with heavy makeup with well dress every day, because it is not possible. So today I will give you some tips through this article which will be helpful for you.

How to Properly Use Primer
Many times it happens that one has to go for one meeting after another in the office. Due to which you do not even get time for touchup, so that your face looks dull. In such a situation, primer should be used on the face while doing makeup. This makes the face look fresh throughout the day. So first wash the face and then apply moisturizer on it and let it absorb into your skin. Then select Primer. If you have oily skin, use a matte primer. If the skin is dry then gel best primer would be better.

How to Apply Foundation Pencil
Due to the fatigue of the day, dark circles start appearing on your face. Therefore, use a foundation pencil while leaving for office or meeting. After this, complete your look with mascara and eyeliner.

Use of Compact and Blush
To set the makeup, apply compact powder all over the face and then use a light colored blush. Apply blush from the cheekbones on one side of the face to the cheekbones of the other side. Apart from this, apply a little on the tip of the nose, on the forehead and on the neck part.

Apply Moisturizing Lipstick
The lip shade of soft pink and pitch color is one such lip color, which you can apply in a regular office. It almost matches the natural color of your lips and gives you a nice formal look. You should use a long lasting moisturizing lipstick instead of a dry matte lipstick, as it is also important to be waterproof.

Hair Style
In the morning you are in a hurry to go to the office. In such a situation, you are not able to spend much time in hairstyle. So you can also make a high ponytail. Apart from this, you can also make messy buns. This type of hairstyle is very rough and tough. It is as easy to make as it looks cool and classy after making. In this, you can make low or medium bun according to your choice.
Hair Serum
Due to sitting in the AC in the office all day, the hair becomes dry. Use a hair serum to retain moisture in your hair and prevent it from getting tangled. This will make your hair look shiny.

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