What to wear in jewelry during Navratri festival
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What to wear in jewelry during Navratri festival

What to wear in jewelry during Navratri festival

  • 09-Oct-2021

Every year on the occasion of Navratri some new trends come. Which are better and newer than last year. But women or girls due to being busy do not pay attention to it and miss to know about the latest trends. As Navratri has started a few days back, Garwa has now taken the form of fashion with tradition. What kind of fashion is on top this year in 2021 so far and what kind of jewelry can be liked the most in this Navratri, let me tell you through this article.

Palm-Palm Jewelry - It may sound a bit strange. But you can wear this jewelry on any dress. This jewelry is colourful. Also it is very light and delicate to wear. If you are going to do garba, then this colorful jewelery will match quickly on any dress.

Textile Jewelery - This jewelery is also colorful. If you do not have much time then you can easily wear it with any of your outfits. Mainly this jewelery is made from cloth and is beautiful in appearance and very light to wear.

Boh Pattern Jewellery - This jewelery is similar to oxidised jewellery. Which is usually worn in Garba. The main thing about this jewelery is its pattern and colorful stones in it. Many times, even after not knowing the name of the jewelry, even after wishing, we can not wear the thing which we like.

Terracotta Jewelery - This type of jewelery is a bit delicate. If you do not want to wear too many frills, then this type of jewelry will be the right choice for you. You can wear it comfortably. Heavy jewelery is often worn on Garbe dress, but some people prefer to wear a very light and simple necklace. So this type of jewelery will be right for them.

Shell Jewelery - Garba dress has shell design which is very much liked. At the same time, shell jewelry also looks very beautiful. This jewelery is always in trend. Girls like to wear shell jewelery with Garba dress. If you wear Mojri with dress and jewellery, then it will give you the perfect look.

Handmade Jewelery - The trend of this type of jewelery has increased a lot. They are made in different ways. Mainly it is made of cloth and it is designed with glass cell stone colored cloth flowers. This jewelery is also light to wear and there is no risk of any kind of allergy.

Kacch Jewelery - This jewelery is very different from other jewellery. Jewelery in appearance is like oxidized jewelry but its look is completely different. This jewelery is the specialty of Gujarat Rann of Kacch. Where women wear it for months.

Ukrainian Jewelery - This type of jewelery is very much in trend in India. This jewelery is quite a trend in Rajasthan, India. This type of jewelery is designed with colorful little bits. It looks quite beautiful. Talking about this jewelry, it is available in at least 2 colors. So this Navratri you can wear this type of jewelry too.

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