Contribution to fashion of Banarasi Saree
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Contribution to fashion of Banarasi Saree

Contribution to fashion of Banarasi Saree

  • 29-Sep-2021

Sarees have always had a special place in the Indian environment. Every saree has its own unique identity. One of these is the Banarasi saree, which has become the first choice of employed women nowadays. There are always some new changes coming in fashion and women also adopt them with great passion. But even today there is one thing, which has never gone away, whether it is in the way of wearing the saree or in the fabric. Though there have been changes, the saree has never gone out of fashion. Saree is not only the choice of women of India, but foreign women also like sarees. That's why the wardrobes of Indian women are full of saris. Saree is such an integral and elegant garment in the Indian setting that every woman looks beautiful. Different types of saris are worn in different environments. Saree is divided into different styles according to your choice and occasion. Similarly, they can also be worn in different ways.

Different types of sarees are very popular among women. Among them is a Banarasi saree, which comes in many colors. In which gold and silver zari work is done. Many types of specimens remain in them. Beautiful silk Banarasi sarees look good on every woman.

Banarasi Saree Trend

In earlier times, Banarasi sarees were worn only on auspicious occasions. For example, women used to wear them in weddings, puja-havan etc. But today women wear it in party functions and office also.

Banarasi Saree Soft Fabric

Woven using lightweight silk threads, these sarees are perfect for office wear. You can easily wear these even during day time, as the shine of these sarees is not too sharp.

The magic of workmanship on banarasi saree designs and patterns

You can choose saris with small motifs (patterns like bel, buta, net etc.) and beautiful designs to go to the office. While choosing a sari with small motifs, keep in mind that your sari should be of one color, look beautiful and also suitable for conference meetings.

The light color and beautiful border of the Banarasi saree give it a stunning look

When you choose a Banarasi saree for the office, take care that the colors are not too bright. Choosing a baby pink, sky blue, lemony beige or pastel colored saris can be a good option. Saree of these colors will give you a stunning look. The embroidery work on the saree makes it more spectacular. You can also opt for lightly embroidered sarees. Banarasi saree with beautiful kadhi and border will keep your formal look intact.

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